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Visual Vibes: Crafting a Brand That Speaks Volumes with Chris Beltran

podcast Jul 09, 2024

On today’s episode, we're diving into the world of visual branding with Chris Beltran!

- Visual Vibe Workshop (July 30th)
- Build your Brand In A Day

Chris Beltran is an award winning Brand Strategist and Founder at Brand Your Impact who has worked with some of today’s top online entrepreneurs that run multiple six & seven figure brands. As a leading expert in personal branding, he has worked with notable Tedx speakers, best selling authors and world renowned influencers that lead their own branded movements. 

We'll explore:

    -The pitfalls of personal branding
    -How to infuse your values into a unique brand atmosphere
    -Brand transformations with clients like James Wedmore
    -The importance of a brand style guide

Don't miss our upcoming Visual Vibe Workshop (July 30th) and you can find Chris' 'brand in a day' service here!

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