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Balancing Hormones and Hustle: Sustainable Strategies for Entrepreneurs

podcast Jun 18, 2024

In today's episode, I share my personal journey and insights on finding the perfect balance between managing stress, maintaining hormonal health, and thriving in both business and personal life.

     - My Health Wake-Up Call: Discovering perilously low cortisol levels and how it felt like hitting a wall at full speed. Learn about the symptoms and consequences of prolonged stress that many entrepreneurs face.
     - Sustainable Stress Management: Explore sustainable strategies to manage stress and maintain a balanced life, ensuring the growth of your business and your personal happiness.
     - Morning Routine for Success: Dive into my morning routine, crafted for optimal productivity and wellness amidst the chaos of entrepreneurship and motherhood. From meditation with the Unplug app to nightly breathing exercises, see how these habits have transformed my life.
     - Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Understand the significance of a gut-friendly diet, sobriety, and effective communication with my spouse, David, in balancing our parenting duties.
     - Aligning Routines with Goals: Learn how aligning your daily routines with your desired lifestyle can help you build successful businesses and bigger dreams.

My journey from burnout to balance, shows that maintaining hormonal health is key to entrepreneurial success.

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