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If I had to start my business over again, here’s what I would do differently

podcast May 02, 2024

Being in business for over 9 years has given me some perspective, and something I think about a lot is what I would do differently if I were to do it all over again. I spent a lot of time early on doing things the hard way, or being stuck in fear around some things that could have helped me grow even faster. And I can definitely point to some key decisions in the past that have made all the difference in my growth.

Of course, I learned these lessons through experience, but I love hearing from other successful business owners how they have grown and so on today’s podcast I am sharing the big lessons I have learned along the way, and what I would change if I could go back and do it all over again. 

In this episode, I share:
     - My biggest lesson about getting help, and what I would do differently
     - What my biggest bottleneck was in scaling and how I overcame it
     - The secret to doing more without doing MORE
     - Why it took me so long to adopt the systems to really let me scale
     - The kind of support I wish I had earlier in my business

One of the biggest lessons has been creating an automated system that has helped me grow my list on autopilot using Instagram, and after hearing from so many business owners who don’t have this set up, I have put together a free workshop to teach you how to Automate your Social Sales. I can’t wait to show you how we have grown our list by thousands organically using automations.

Want to learn more? Go to Sevenstrong.com/workshop

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