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Breaking Money Myths

podcast Apr 17, 2023


Are you working for pennies because you’re scared to charge what you’re actually worth? Are you afraid to charge more than a competitor with a similar product? Does the thought of scaling to 6 or 7-figures make you feel guilty or selfish? If so, chances are you are struggling with a fixed money mindset. I’ve been there, too!

Today, we’re chatting about how to take emotion out of money and break through the mindset blocks that may be preventing you from growing your business.

Listen in and learn:

  • How to join my free masterclass to learn 3 methods I used to build a 6-figure business
  • Why women have more money mindset blocks than men
  • How a comfortable middle-class upbringing influenced my fixed money mindset
  • The morning routine that can help shift your money mindset
  • Lessons learned from my past baking business side gig 
  • The importance of recognizing your worth and charging for it
  • The one thing you should consider when pricing your offer
  • How to raise your “income thermometer” to change your circumstances
  • How reinvesting 10% of earnings into training quickly changed my business
  • Why free products don’t serve your clients as well as paid
  • The most selfish thing you can do {Hint: It’s not making money!}
  • Impressive statistics on how women change the world with wealth
  • How hiring a team can help you scale faster and make the dreams of others come true
  • My challenge to you for setting year-from-now goals 

When you understand that money is simply a tool to help you serve others and support your family, everything changes!



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