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Hack your brain for success with Mindi Huebner

podcast Apr 02, 2024

This week I am sitting down with intuitive mindset mastery coach and NLP practitioner, Mindi Huebner and diving deep into the subconscious programming that might be limiting your success.

As I have shared before, entrepreneurship is really the most powerful personal growth experience and our businesses can only grow as much as we grow ourselves. Mindi shared her wisdom on how to hack your subconscious mind for success to overcome any plateaus you might be experiencing. 

We talked about:
- How what you say literally creates your reality
- Why “acting as-if” is one of the most effective ways to change your thoughts
- How to create a vision board that activates your subconscious mind for growth
- The power of reverse engineering to create “24 karat” results
- How to hack your performance like an Olympic athlete
- And why you should show up with “Of Course” energy.

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