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Lessons and takeaways from one year of weekly podcasting

podcast Feb 27, 2024

What would happen if you commit to doing something in your business for a whole year? And where would you be a year from now if you started today?

This episode is a pretty exciting one because we are celebrating our 52nd weekly episode, meaning 1 FULL year of weekly podcasting. And I have to say there were a few times I wasn’t entirely sure we were going to make it this far.

This has been an incredible year, and I am so proud of the growth we have seen, not just from a business standpoint but from a personal one as well. And I am spilling it all on this episode.

On today’s episode, I am sharing:
- Some of our biggest wins (and biggest lessons) from the last year
- One of the most surprising things to come from growing the podcast
- How much my husband (and business manager) David has been key to strategic growth
- My favorite thing about having guests on the show
- And more!

Plus, I am announcing our Anniversary Giveaway! When you leave a review of the show (and DM a screenshot to me on Instagram) you will be entered to win one of our amazing prizes!

Thank you for hanging out with me every week in your earphones, and I can’t wait to celebrate for many years to come!

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