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Grow your audience on Instagram without being on the app

podcast Feb 20, 2024

One of the number one things I heard from people who were in the InstaGrowth Bootcamp last week was that they want to grow their audience on Instagram, but they want to spend LESS time on the app to do it. And while you might think that sounds counterintuitive, I actually think that is the whole point.

When I was struggling to create content that actually grew my account, I was spending so much time trying to create content. And truth be told, most of that time was spent scrolling through the reels trying to find someone else’s idea that I could re-create.

But then I realized- when you are copying someone else, you are already behind the trend. You have already missed the boat. Which is why when I started creating content strategically, with an actual plan, everything changed.

In this episode, I break down my simple 3 step plan to create content FASTER so you can create MORE of it without spending any more time on the app. And if you are trying to get off the gram while growing on the gram, this episode is spilling some of my best kept secrets.

In this episode, I am sharing:
- What you really need to focus on with your content, vs what is wasting your time
- How to determine what content your audience really cares about (and what you can skip)
- Where to start when creating content (and it's easier than you think)
- How I discovered the formula for creating viral content
- The best way to use the tools inside the Society to start creating content in just minutes, not hours

Want to level up your content game so you can get off the app and still grow? The doors to the Society are now open! We are so excited to welcome this new class of members into the membership and if you are an online business owner, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to go all in on your growth this year!

Want to learn more? Go to https://www.sevenstrong.com/society 

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