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Don’t do this! My Instagram Niche Fail

podcast Apr 17, 2023

Do you know who you are talking to with your social media account? Are you crystal clear on your niche?  When you get super clear on your niche, content creation gets 1000x easier!

Today, I’m sharing my own experience shifting into a different niche on Instagram. Whether you are switching gears completely or just getting started building a business, I’ll share tips on how to attract the right followers, analyze data to determine what content is best for growing your audience, and how to determine if you need to create a second Instagram account. 

Listen in to find out:

  • The importance of selecting a niche
  • My own niche shift from fitness to female entrepreneurs
  • Differences between a personal and creator account on Instagram
  • How Instagram reacted to my niche shifts
  • Why I don’t believe in “or” (Always “and.” You don’t have to choose!)
  • How to analyze data to create content that people want
  • Why you might need more than one Instagram account
  • Why you don’t need more followers does not necessarily lead to 
  • When losing followers is actually beneficial

If you are super clear on your niche your content is going to flow effortlessly


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