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How I grew by 100K followers in 9 months without going viral

podcast Feb 06, 2024

Last summer, I was feeling stuck on Instagram. My Holly Hillyer account was stuck at 40K followers for over 2 years, and I felt like I was doing everything under the sun to get my content seen by my ideal clients and nothing was working. I was frustrated, blaming the algorithm and feeling fed up by creating content. 

Maybe you can resonate.

But after blaming the Instagram algorithm for my struggle for so long, I decided to stop sitting in blame, and start asking better questions. And in this week’s episode, I am sharing the breakthrough that kickstarted my Instagram growth again, and completely changed the way I think about creating content. 

On this episode I chat about:

- How I got stuck at 40K followers for 2 years, even though I was giving “value”
- What my ideal clients were telling me they wanted (and why I started to listen)
- How I stopped blaming the algorithm and started looking at it from a different perspective
- The simple question I asked that changed how I look at creating content


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