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How I 3X'd my Instagram Followers in Just 9 Months

podcast Jan 30, 2024

If you have been stuck at the same number of followers for what feels like FOREVER, I've been there. And I know how frustrating it can feel to try strategy after strategy and feel like nothing is actually helping you grow.

Last summer, I was right there. I had been consistent on Instagram for a few years, and seen some slow but steady growth, and then I hit a wall. I was stuck at 40K followers for years, and no matter what I did I couldn't seem to get in front of new people, let alone the RIGHT people.

At first, I was frustrated- but then I got curious, and decided to look at it as a puzzle I needed to solve.

And that was the start of how I grew my account from stuck at 40K to well over 100K ideal client followers in just 9 months.

In this episode, I am breaking down exactly what I started (and stopped) doing to bust through that ceiling and finally start seeing growth again. 

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