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Create a Winning Content Strategy for Instagram Success in 2024

podcast Jan 09, 2024

Do you feel like the Instagram algorithm is a foe, not a friend? Instead of beating your head against the social media wall and guessing how the algorithm works, you need to know the three key things that are essential for growth on Instagram in 2024. We’re talking about it on today’s podcast. 

You’ll also hear me share my tips for making content creation easier so you can implement a social media marketing plan that REALLY works! No more guesswork!

Listen in and learn:

- The importance of optimizing your Instagram bio first
- Why defining your micro-niche is key to account growth
- The one question you should ask about your Instagram content
- The process of creating a content strategy that supports your life goals and connects with ideal clients
- What’s driving the Instagram algorithm
- How to study the accounts you follow to gain insight into desirable content
- Tips on batching to make content creation easier

Hi, I’m Holly Hillyer–coach, wife, boy mom, and 7-figure boss. I help women like you start and scale online businesses in small pockets of time so you can make more money while also building a life that allows you to be present with the people you love most.💛

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