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Anxiety-Free Entrepreneurship: Nervous System Success Strategies with Jacqui Acree

podcast Dec 26, 2023

Are you excited about scaling an online business but find yourself battling stress and anxiety on a regular basis? 56% of entrepreneurs have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression, or stress-related problems!

While we often talk about the tactical tips that will scale a business faster, few people talk about the importance of nervous system regulation and emotional regulation in growing a sustainable and thriving business.

Today, I’m joined by Jacqui Acree, a certified Advanced EFT Practitioner. She specializes in working with highly sensitive entrepreneurs to expand nervous system capacity, so your life FEELS as good as it looks.

We’re chatting about the power of tapping in reducing triggers, gaining clarity and perspective, and creating lasting change so you can confidently pursue your business goals.

Listen in and learn:

  • The science behind tapping and how it reduces anxiety
  • How to find joy in the up and down journey of entrepreneurship 
  • Balancing desire for growth with contentment with the current situation
  • Shifts that women need to make in regards to money mindset
  • Why nervous system dysregulation hinders key relationships
  • What is “goal trauma”
  • How to avoid constant fight or flight
  • How to deal with external threats that you can’t control
  • The science behind self-talk and its ability to reduce stress and envy
  • The importance of setting “feel good goals”


Start your day calm, clear & grounded with 10 minutes of easy to follow EFT tapping. Grab both audio and video options to quickly shift any stress, overwhelm, and anxiety to feeling calm, light, and confident.

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