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Preventing Burnout: How to Build Your Business With Boundaries with Karen Cooper

podcast Dec 19, 2023

Have you ever felt depleted and hovering on the edge of burnout as a business owner? Most entrepreneurs experience this, especially when their work/life balance gets disrupted.

When Karen Cooper first experienced burnout, she believed taking on a managerial role would solve the problem. Then she realized it was not the solution she had hoped for. 

However, this experience taught her two important lessons: the significance of setting boundaries and being clear about availability and response times---the value of having a structured schedule.

Karen is a wife, mom to 3 sons, and owner of the Platinum Group Real Estate based in Northern Virginia. She and her business partner Vicky Noufal, manage a team of 33 phenomenal women and moms (and 1 very brave man!). Licensed since 2002, Karen personally served well over 700 clients during her career, and many more through her team and has closed over $1.3 billion in sales volume since its inception in 2015.

Today, Karen and I are chatting about growing a business while maintaining boundaries to prevent burnout, especially as a busy mom. Karen's experience and advice will inspire you to take your business to the next level while still prioritizing your well-being

Listen in and learn:

  • The importance of putting boundaries in place to ensure sustainable growth. 
  • Why entrepreneurs should embrace the power of connection
  • The types of boundaries that you need to establish 
  • The importance of using a planner to structure your days
  • Why theme days work when time blocking does not
  • The importance of building a pipeline to scale a business
  • Where to start when outsourcing 
  • The dangers of trying to “do it all” with your business


Learn more from Karen Cooper on the Empowering Women in Real Estate Podcast. 

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