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2024 Planning: Setting Goals for Business and Life

podcast Dec 05, 2023

If you want to make 2024 a year where your family comes first and your business doesn’t steal away your time, then it may be time for a shift from prioritizing work life to prioritizing family life! 

In this episode of the Seven Strong Podcast, we’ll discuss the importance of planning for both business AND personal life to create a life aligned with the larger vision that guides you. 

I’m sharing my planning process and how it has evolved over time so that I can truly put the most important things first on my calendar.

Listen in and learn:

  • The most memorable family experience that came out of of prioritizing family events in my calendar in 2023
  • The process I use to create quarterly, monthly, and weekly plans
  • The importance of setting realistic goals
  • How to break down goals into smaller action steps
  • Why you should monitor KPIs and make data-informed decisions


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Hi, I’m Holly Hillyer–coach, wife, boy mom, and 7-figure boss. I help women like you start and scale online businesses in small pockets of time so you can make more money while also building a life that allows you to be present with the people you love most.💛

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