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How to Adopt a CEO Mentality to Help You Scale Faster with Brad Bizjack

podcast Oct 17, 2023

What if the key to scaling wasn’t about external changes but internal ones instead? Adopting a CEO mentality is the first step toward accelerated business success. This does NOT mean extra hustle–but it does require letting go of limiting beliefs and shifting your identity to become a true CEO.

Today’s guest is my personal mindset coach and great friend, Brad Bizjack. He is a personal development expert, podcast host, and multi-7-figure CEO with over 9 years of coaching experience. His mission is to help entrepreneurs come alive to their limitless possibilities while arriving at their own unique vision of success! Brad is happily married to his beautiful wife, Janiece. They live in western Illinois and have a little girl named Lillian and a dog named Oliver.

Don’t miss this episode! Brad is sharing his leadership wisdom to help you go from stressed entrepreneur to influential leader.

Listen in and learn:

  • How Brad changed his limited beliefs about money and created a multi-million dollar business and a more fulfilling life
  • Why working harder does not equal more success
  • How limiting beliefs and identity can negatively impact personal and business growth
  • The benefits of adopting a CEO mentality to grow your business and empower others
  • Three identities that business owners start with and how to evolve beyond them
  • The #1 thing to avoid to prevent burnout and stalled business growth
  • What to look for when hiring employees (hint: it’s not skills!)
  • Why it's important to align your goals with your values
  • How to shift your identity to scale a business faster

As heard on this episode:

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