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Instant Engagement and More Subscribers: The Magic of ManyChat

podcast Oct 10, 2023

Good news! There is a way to scale your online business using social media without sacrificing personal touch or valuable time with your family. When you create systems and automate tasks, you don’t have to give up either!

In today’s episode, we address a topic that has sparked a flood of questions from my community: the magic of ManyChat! 

This incredible tool can revolutionize your approach to Instagram automation, driving engagement while subtly collecting email addresses from your followers. And, while doing all of this, it’s feeding the algorithm exactly what it craves--all while boosting your reach and conversions. Win-win!

Listen in and learn:

  • The game-changing impact of ManyChat on Instagram automation and engagement
  • How to effectively convert Instagram followers into email subscribers
  • How to automate social media without losing a personal touch
  • Practical strategies for setting up and optimizing ManyChat for your business
  • The importance of prompt email collection and delivery to boost open rates
  • The role of ManyChat in enhancing sales and work-life balance for entrepreneurs
  • How you can set up ManyChat in less than an hour 

As heard on this episode:

CLICK HERE to get the ManyChat Mastery Mini Course for only $47! You’ll get simple step-by-step instructions to begin automating your social media account. In less than an hour, you could begin collecting thousands of leads and growing your email list with ease!

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