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How to Diagnose a Leadership Deficit & Break Through Plateaus with Liz Hartke

podcast Sep 26, 2023

Have you experienced some business success but now you’re feeling stuck? Are you experiencing financial stagnation? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed–like your to-do list is multiplying but there are never enough hours in the day? Or are you depending on the wrong things to help your business grow?

You could be experiencing a leadership deficit.

Liz Hartke is a Forbes-featured International Business Leadership advisor and founder of the Luminary Leadership Company. She is known for her work equipping entrepreneurs to scale their businesses for freedom and prosperity. Liz and her husband Michael practice what they preach, homeschooling and soaking up every bit of their beautiful life with their four kids from their hobby farm. Liz truly, truly epitomizes leadership in both her home and her business. 

Today on this podcast, we are digging into leadership and how it can take you to the next level of business success.

Listen in and learn:

  • The symptoms that can diagnose a leadership deficit in your business
  • How leadership is like pregnancy and requires a “gestation” period to reach the desired outcome
  • Why a growth plan requires a consistent daily plan that aligns with your overall values
  • How Liz prioritizes family first while still being passionate about reaching her business goals
  • The shifts moms can make to find harmony and balance in scheduling
  • How to move out of reactionary mode into proactive mode to drive your business forward 
  • The importance of leadership at home
  • How to find clarity in the midst of overwhelm
  • The importance of having a visionary day
  • Why easy is not an indicator that you are on the right track 


As heard on this episode:

Get Liz’s Focused Entrepreneur Playbook: www.luminaryleadershipco.com/focused

Read more about Liz Hartke on her website, connect with her on Instagram, or listen to her podcast, Luminary Leadership Podcast.


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