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Determining your Ideal Client to Create Magnetic Content

podcast Apr 05, 2023

The second episode of my new podcast is here! Have you taken the time to clarify who your ideal client really is? You may be afraid to get super specific on this, but when you speak to everyone you speak to no one! 

Hi, I’m Holly Hillyer–coach, wife, boy mom, and 7-figure boss. I help women like you start and scale an online business in small pockets of time so you can make more money while also building a life that allows you to be present with the people you love most.💛

Listen in to find out:

  • Why identifying your ideal client helps you create content that sells
  • 3 questions that help you identify your client avatar 
  • How to craft your content with stories that connect with your ideal client for an easy YES (without any high-pressure sales!)

Learn how to build a 7-figure business using personal branding, duplicatable systems, and magnetic marketing without sacrificing family time!


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