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Experiencing an Entrepreneurial Revolution with Julianne “JuJu” Taylor

podcast Aug 08, 2023

Are you nervous about how your business may change over time? You can either fear change or embrace and welcome it. Julianne “JuJu” Taylor chose the latter and it took her on an amazing entrepreneurial journey.

Julianne "JuJu" Taylor is a Charleston, SC-based content creator, product designer, business coach, and mindset speaker...and my neighbor! JuJu finds and shares the "Good JuJu' with her community related to easy recipes, home decor, entertaining at home, fashion, and travel on Instagram and TikTok. With a BFA in interior design and a master's in human resources, JuJu marries creativity and strong business acumen to help her communities find joy in the everyday through working smarter, not harder. Julianne has been featured on the Today Show, HGTV, and Yahoo Finance.

Today we chat about the evolution of Julianne’s business from in-person interior designer to creating a huge personal brand. She’ll share insights from balancing mom life and business, working with a spouse, the importance of supporting other women, and leading from a place of service. You’ll be inspired by this conversation!

Listen in and learn:

  • The evolution of Julianne’s business over time
  • How to balance creativity and business
  • The process of finding purpose and balance as a wife, mom, and business owner
  • How Julianne and her husband use complementary skill sets to work together
  • The importance of having conversations and setting expectations with your spouse
  • Why waiting for permission prevents some women from taking action
  • The most important trait successful entrepreneurs have
  • Why everyone needs different coaches for different seasons of life and business
  • What it means to lead from a place of service in business
  • The importance of supporting other women and being a “girl’s girl”
  • How Julianne prioritizes supporting small, local businesses in addition to larger clients
  • Details on Julianne’s Charleston in-person retreat for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs
  • The importance of connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs instead of doing it alone

Mentioned in This Episode:

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