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From Teacher to Top Tech CEO: Creating Your Transformation Story with Ruth Schrauner

podcast Jul 25, 2023

Ruth Schrauner was just a girl from small-town Kansas who thought she could “only be a teacher” until she discovered the power of entrepreneurship. She skyrocketed a network marketing business before pivoting into the tech world becoming one of the top 2% female tech-start up CEOs! 

Did she have any experience or qualifications to hit these big entrepreneurial milestones? Nope! That’s why she’s all about empowering women to understand that they can reach their big dreams, too!

Listen in as we talk about how she did it and what tips she would give other entrepreneurs who are just getting started.

 Listen in and learn:

  • Ruth’s story from teacher to network marketer to becoming the founder of Posh and top 2% female tech startup CEOs
  • The importance of shifting your money mindset and how to do it
  • The story of how Posh came to be
  • How Ruth saw the opportunity to grow a brand to empower beauty professionals
  • How to get into the right rooms with the right people locally
  • Ruth’s best advice for new entrepreneurs
  • How experience is a great way to fine-tune your marketing strategy

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