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Micah Folsom On How to Do It All (and Not Lose Your Mind)

podcast Jun 13, 2023

Are you struggling to balance growing a thriving business while also raising a family? Does the thought of managing multiple businesses seem impossible? Are overwhelmed with work but nervous to outsource?

Today I’m talking with my friend, Micah Folsom, about the importance of delegating tasks in order to manage your business and your family well.  

Micah is a wife to a cattle rancher and large animal veterinarian. She’s also a homeschool mom to their soon-to-be 6 kids on their small farm in Southeast Idaho.

She's a top leader and multiple 7-figure network marketer in the health & wellness space, host of the Do Your Crap Podcast, creator of her program for network marketers called Ignite Your Life and most recently helping her husband, JD w/ their newest business, Folsom Farm Beef so more families can connect around the dinner table enjoying delicious meals together w/ the peace of mind knowing exactly where their meat was raised

She’s a huge believer that women can live multi-passionate lives and still honor their family values and that each of our heart tugs is paving the way for us to live out our fullest potential and be the light we're meant to be.

So no matter if you’re just starting or managing multiple businesses, there’s great advice for you here about what to outsource and why moms need to do it more often.


Listen in and learn:

  • Micah’s #1 secret for managing 3 businesses and a large family
  • How to become skilled at identifying where to invest your time and energy.
  • Why building a team with complementary strengths is crucial for success.
  • Micah’s secret to managing 3 businesses and 5 kids
  • How to identify your non-negotiables and create a business to support it
  • She also didn't want to sacrifice quality time with her husband.
  • How to find balance in work and life (i.e. you don’t have to give up Netflix)
  • Micah’s entrepreneurial journey and big her "why" 
  • Why Micah began a podcast and a coaching program
  • How Micah fits work, fitness, and school into her daily routine
  • The importance of finding a balance and making choices that align with personal values 


Resources from Micah:


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