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My Favorite Personal Development Books

business development personal development May 23, 2023

For close to a decade I have filled my mind with personal development. When I started my business I swapped my magazines for morning reading and it changed my entire life. Here are some of my favorites that started my journey: 

The Slight Edge: Taught me how to make tiny changes that added up to life changing ones. 

Daring Greatly: For those worried about what others may think and truly diving into your own powers through vulnerability.

You Are A Badass: Changed my entire mindset about the opinions of others and what I am capable of. 

Atomic Habits: Ready to put life changing habits in place? Read this book! 

Eat That Frog: Struggle with procrastination. This is a great one! 

The 10X Rule: Ready to take the action needed to create insane momentum in your business? Read this! 

Awaken The Giant Within: This book is long but it will change your entire life! It did mine! 

Rich as F*ck or You Are A Badass At Making Money: If you have money mindset block ready these

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