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Learn the simple automated sales funnel to move your new followers off Instagram and into your sales system on autopilot.

This bundle includes:

👉 3 Sales Automation Trainings

👉 3 high converting Lead Magnet Canva Templates 

👉 30 CTAs that boost engagement and build your list

👉 Fill in the blank Funnel Map to plan your Social Sales Funnel

👉 List Building Reel Library with tested reels that convert into leads and sales

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📈 30 Day Reels Growth Challenge

30 days to 10X your reach on Instagram.

Stop wasting hours a day creating content for no one to see! Join me for the 30 in 30 challenge and and learn how to create reels that reach new ideal clients daily!

And watch your reach explode within the first week!

When you join the 30 in 30 challenge, you get a daily step by step plan for your next viral reel:

👉 a customizable viral hook

👉 an authority building caption prompt

👉 a high converting CTA (call to action)

We will even give you an example to help inspire you to create your own.

This challenge will take place in our private app, where you will:

📲 Submit your before and after stats to track your progress

📲 Share your daily reel for accountability and to use other member's reels as inspiration

Does this work? Check out these stats from my client 👇

Why 30 days?

The Instagram Algorithm rewards consistency. Showing up and creating content is how you grow on the platform.

Most people either give up too soon, or aren't consistent enough with micor-niched content to see results (and if you have "tried posting reels" before with little results, this is likely you too).

By showing up for 30 days, creating strategic content for your micro-niche, you will get discovered by your dream clients, and your following will grow.

Why reels?

As an engineer I am obsessed with data, and the data from both of my accounts and my 100's of clients accounts, prove that reels are the fastest way to reach NEW ideal clients.

Short form video content (aka Tik Toks and Reels) are how most people prefer to consume content. Short engaging videos that keep people on the app is the secret to unlocking audience growth on Instagram. So we are not wasting time with other kinds of content, we are going all in on reels, together.

What if my account is dead?

This is the perfect way to bring it back! We are training the algorithm in these 30 days and by the end you will have a completely new account bringing in your ideal clients!

What if I don't know my micro-niche?

We have included a micro-niche training for you in the beginning of the challenge! 

And remember...action brings clarity. Use the data driven from your reels to help you determine the right micro-niche for your ideal clients. In this case, the algorithm is your best friend! 

What if I don't feel comfortable on video?

If your goal is growing your following and positioning yourself as an expert, then this is a perfect way to start getting comfortable on camera.

Most reels in this challenge are just 6-8 seconds long so this is perfect to start feeling more comfortable and confident on camera.

What kind of support comes in the app?

The challenge app is for accountability and peer support. While our team (and Holly) will be in the app (and following the challenge along with you), if you have specific questions or need coaching, you can join our Seven Strong Society to get hands on support.

How long do I get access to the challenge?

We want you to TAKE ACTION, not stick this in your stack of unused trainings, so you will get access to the challenge app for 45 days. At the end of your 45 days, you will be sent a PDF of the daily challenge prompts to reference in the future.

Are you giving me trending audio?

No, but even better I am teaching you how to find trending audio so you can stay on top of trends whether you do this in July 2024 or December 2025.

How is this different from other reels challenges?

I am not just giving you 30 generic prompts to create lackluster reels for 30 days. I am breaking down how to create reels that attract your ideal clients and position you as the go-to person to solve their problem so they actually convert from follower to client.

Any other questions?

Stop overthinking this 😜 It's $7. Your business deserves your commitment, both financially and energetically. Let's get your Instagram growing with your dream clients!